Wisebiz Solutions, a leading security Solutions provider in East Africa. We have continued to partner and form strategic alliances to offer security business solutions to our customers over the years.  We safe guard against business Losses that maybe brought about by irregularities and theft of Company Assets.

Below are some of the different ways a Business may lose its assets

  • Money – the most common asset stolen from employers.
  • Time – Occurs when an employee is paid for time that he/she did not work. This usually happens through falsifying time keeping records, or when employees are not working while on the job (although difficult to prove).
  • Supplies – Common examples of theft of supplies include office supplies (paper, pens, computers, etc.) and restaurant supplies (food, condiments, silverware, etc.).
  • Merchandise/Company Property – Theft of products that are to be sold.
  • Information – Stealing product designs and trade secrets.

Some of the Services we offer include but not limited to

  • Staff Vetting
  • Under Cover Agents
  • Background Investigations
  • Theft/ Fraud Investigation
  • Security Survey and Audit

Wisebiz Solutions your Security Solutions Partner

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